We have a different way of looking at what it means to be a partner.

Others say, “Customer First” – we live, breathe, and deliver it.

Who We Are

Credo 180 was founded in 2006 on the premise of helping companies evaluate and procure debt capital financing.

Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled service and superior financing outcomes. Our service allows our clients to remain focused on running their business while ensuring they meet their fiduciary responsibility of obtaining the most optimal financing terms available in the market.

We believe a company can accomplish its growth objectives and maximize shareholder value by taking a strategically planned and carefully managed tactical approach to securing debt financing. Because not all debt and not all lenders are created equal, the optimal financing solution centers on correctly matching the right company, debt structure and lender.

Our debt advisory services focus on making the debt procurement process, and the decision process at the management and board level, more informed, efficient and strategic.