About Credo 180°

At Credo 180° we have always done business successfully by building relationships with the people we advise. We know what’s at stake for you and we get it.


Over 25 years in the Debt Markets

We stand on watch for our investor partners. We realize there are many issues to manage across a variety of portfolio companies. We become the point person for all things debt related. We do not simply raise debt capital for your companies. We get involved well before a financing and stay involved long after the debt is put into place. We continually monitor the company performance, capital needs and changes in the debt markets to ensure the most effective use of debt capital at all times.

We are transparent in everything we do and without exception we put our clients long-term interest first. Whether it is strategizing on the timing and use of debt capital, the procurement process, or managing through a covenant default situation… we’ve got your back.

We get the absolute best financing terms available in the market for every company situation. Our success is no accident. We are thorough and complete in everything we do and we never take a short cut. We embrace the extra effort required to ensure the smallest yet most critical details are covered resulting in full alignment among the financing objectives, debt structure & lending partner. We ensure the debt adds value and won’t become a stumbling block later.

Our deals get done…period. We won’t let anything get in the way of the successful completion of your deal. We know what you have riding on it…we have our reputation riding on it too.

All of this means we have a different way of looking at what it means to truly be a partner and deliver on “Customer First”: Others say it—we live and breath it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled service and superior financing outcomes. Our service allows our clients remain focused on running their business while ensuring they meet their fiduciary responsibility of obtaining the most optimal financing terms available in the market.

Our Value to You

  • A candid assessment of where your business credit profile stands relative to the debt markets.
  • Create an efficient market around the credit profile resulting in best in class deal terms and economics.
  • Expand the pool of lenders while minimizing the time management spends on procuring debt.
  • Ensure debt is structured to take into account variances in the business so the debt does not become a hindrance to the business.
Investor Partners
  • Ensure investors are most informed on debt capital for each portfolio company including challenges, expectations, options and decision variables.
  • Minimize the amount of time spent on debt.
  • Achieve fiduciary responsibility ensuring the debt process is thorough and complete.
  • Evaluate right timing and structure for debt capital.
  • Achieve the optimal debt solution by appropriately matching the borrower’s credit & risk profile with the lender’s debt structure and appetite for risk.
  • Ensure that the value proposition of each lender is clearly represented to management and the board.
  • Leverage the strengths of each lender to create distinct and unique options for the borrowers to consider.
  • Guide borrower expectations on debt capital given credit profile and market conditions.
  • Eliminate “imperfect information” about credit profile between borrower and lender.