Hear From Our Clients

We have worked with Credo 180 on two separate debt deals. We were highly doubtful the first time, believing that simply running process similar to the equity funding process we had just completed would yield the best partner and best terms, without the added cost of the Credo 180 team’s services. We were wrong. They saved us nearly 3x the dollars it cost to pay them, and the lender, who has been a good partner for us, would never have emerged in our process.

The second time we worked with Credo 180, to refinance the first round of debt and increase the size of the loan, we were equally skeptical, but for different reasons. Our existing lender had provided us with a term sheet with which we were quite pleased. The Credo 180 team immediately recognized the opportunity for far better terms, given changes in the market that we had not appreciated. Again, they were right. We ended up with the same lender, with far better terms, and the Credo 180 team more than paid for themselves.

Bill Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer, Inari Medical

The Credo team has supported us on multiple debt deals.  In each scenario, the Credo team met with management to understand the current situation and the needs going forward.  Using this information, the Credo group put together a unique plan for each process.  The result for each scenario was an extremely efficient process that brought forward multiple offers from amazing partners and at rates that we could not have gotten on our own.  They are experts in this field and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jared Oasheim

Chief Financial Officer, CVRx

Our initial engagement with Credo 180 coincided with a pivotal moment in our company’s evolution, prompting us to explore debt as a strategic option. From the outset, the strategic process employed by the Credo team proved invaluable. It not only yielded several competitive options but, more importantly, culminated in the procuring the optimal facility, complete with the best structure and the right partner for Setpoint.

Shortly after our first success with Credo, Setpoint achieved significant milestones, enabling us to secure a substantial round of equity. Given the success with Credo, we decided to have them assess our debt position to ensure we were still in the best situation. Leveraging their real-time market awareness and highly efficient process, we expedited another debt transaction, resulting in yet another favorable outcome for Setpoint.

Credo 180 emerged as a crucial resource for enhancing the financial options for our company. I enthusiastically recommend Credo 180 to any company seeking a trusted and effective partner in shaping and optimizing their financial landscape. Their consistent delivery of positive outcomes underscores their value as a strategic ally in the business journey.

Murthy Simhambhatla, Ph.D.

President & CEO, SetPoint Medical

Sonex Health has partnered with Credo 180 on two separate debt engagements, which speaks to the value we believe they bring to understand and select a debt financing structure best suited for our company. Credo 180 also provided guidance and insights to our leadership team between financings to strategically plan for the array of potential equity and debt structures for our Series B round of financing. Credo 180 delivered on their commitment to be there for us whenever called upon – if you are considering adding debt financing, I highly recommend you reach out to Rob and his team.
J. Robert Paulson, Jr.

President & CEO, Sonex Health

Rob and the Credo 180 team had helped us procure a competitive debt arrangement at my previous company, which proved to be beneficial upon exit, two years later. As a pre-commercial company, Neuros Medical sought a new venture debt financing in the Spring of 2023. During the short process, the Credo team remained aligned with us, was creative and was highly responsive. I would highly recommend Credo to any company interested in pursuing debt capital.
Thomas C. Wilder

President & CEO, Neuros Medical

I was introduced to Credo in 2016 by one of our investor BOD members. We had just made the decision to take on venture debt for the first time. With Credo’s assistance we were able to secure the debt funding at very favorable terms that included over two years of interest only payments. In 2019 we decided to refinance our debt, there was no question we would engage Credo to assist us again. As was the case in 2016, they were invaluable to our process. Credo’s team acted as both business partners in determining the type of debt that fit our company’s strategy and goals along with expertly assisting in our negotiations. I would highly recommend engaging the Credo team in any debt process. Their value will pay for itself.

Kirk Jacquay

Chief Financial Officer, Veran Medical Technologies

I was in the process of evaluating two terms sheets for debt financing which would be used to enhance our liquidity & fund our commercialization. However, after meeting with Credo 180°, I was convinced their experience and knowledge of the market could help me gain a better deal for the company -And that’s exactly what we got!

Credo 180° proved to be an invaluable resource running an extremely thorough and strategic process. They brought an in-depth understanding of the debt markets and were a valuable sounding board in evaluating a variety of options. It enabled me to get the best financing terms for our company and focus my time on other important areas of our business. I was elated with the outcome and would highly recommend their service to any company looking for debt capital.

Peter Mariani

Chief Financial Officer, Axogen Inc

Our CEO and I have had a lot of success re-financing debt historically so I hadn’t worked with Credo 180 in an official capacity until our last re-financing effort. Given their experience and knowledge of the market, they were able to introduce us to new lenders and a variety of lenders who previously weren’t interested in our story. In addition, Credo streamlined the diligence and negotiation processes for us and provided the high-level analysis that we needed to make the best decision for our Company. As a result of working with Credo, I can confidently say we ended up with a better outcome than had we attempted to re-finance on our own.

John Landry

Chief Financial Officer, Vapotherm

I was introduced to the Credo 180° team by one on my venture investors/board members who had portfolio companies with positive experiences working with the team.

We also had a very positive experience working with the team, closing on a venture debt deal that ended up much better for the company than I expected we would be able to achieve. Credo 180°s knowledge of current market conditions and the strength of their existing relationships with lenders was critical to us in our process. I also believe the depth of Credo 180°’s understanding of the capabilities and abilities of the lenders also played a key role in our ability to secure a strong set of options to choose from. They ran the process efficiently and effectively, allowing me to be confident the process was running smoothly, but also focus on other business issues.

I would highly recommend working with Credo 180°.

Tim Hauch

Chief Financial Officer, Respicardia, Inc.

Credo 180° provided us valuable insight into the current market conditions as we looked into all of the options for funding. They brought a high level of understanding of debt markets, which assisted us in evaluating diverse options while ultimately landing on the best option for our company. The Credo 180° Team was easy to work with as well as detail oriented, making it a pleasure to work with them through the process. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for assistance in debt funding.

Chris Richardson

President and CEO, Keystone Heart, LTD

The Credo 180° team took the time to walk me through all the nuances of venture debt and then secure a variety of lending options – a number of which we didn’t realize would be available to a company at our stage. In the end, Credo 180° brought together a syndicate of bank financing and mezzanine debt that has provided the additional capital necessary to truly accelerate our business. Credo 180° exceeded all expectations of management and the board. We were extremely satisfied with the results and we continue to strategize with Credo 180° on a regular basis. I would recommend their service to any company considering debt capital.

Christine Robins

Chief Executive Officer, BodyMedia, Inc.

I was not familiar with Credo 180° and was introduced to them by one of our directors, who recommended them on the basis of work they had done for other companies in which his firm had invested. During our initial conference call with Credo 180°, I was impressed with their knowledge of the debt markets and believed they could generate an outcome that would be better than the two attractive term sheets we already had in hand. After completing their process, Credo 180° secured a a variety of distinct and different financing options which resulted in a significantly better financing option than the term sheets previously considered. The Credo 180° team was very thorough, diligent, persistent and a pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend their service to anyone that is seeking a thoroughly managed debt procurement process.

Nancy Broadbent

Chief Financial Officer, OrthoVita (VITA) | Acquired by Stryker Corp. (SYK)

We met with Credo 180°p based on a referral from one of our Investors. At that time, we had already established our debt financing goals and had identified several willing lenders, so we were uncertain whether we could gain meaningful additional value for a process that was well defined and already underway. However, after several more conversations, we decided that Credo 180°’s familiarity with the debt markets would be valuable to our process, especially with respect to the appropriate providers and the key people involved.

In concert with our CFO, Credo 180° secured financing alternatives that exceeded our initial expectations, and employed a process that helped to establish confidence and consensus from our Board. As a result, our lending solution was both financially attractive and well aligned with our business profile and objectives.

Jim Taylor

President and CEO, Oraya Therapeutics