What We Do

Credo 180 serves as an extension of the management team to help companies evaluate and procure debt capital. We have an entire team running every client engagement. The additional manpower and resources we bring to every financing allow us to run an extremely broad and thorough debt process while freeing up management’s time to focus on running the business.

Our first priority is to understand our client’s financing objectives and define a clear line of sight between raising debt capital and driving shareholder value. We then institute a systematic process for targeting and engaging the optimal mix of lenders and debt funds given a company’s particular credit profile and financing objectives. Through strategic management of the deal process, we ensure companies get the RIGHT debt capital at the MOST favorable terms available in the market..

We Ask

The Credo 180 team serves as a sounding board for management and the board well before a company makes the decision to pursue debt capital. We help management teams determine if or when it makes sense to take on debt. For example:

  • Do you have access to capital when you need it?
  • How much and what type of debt is right for your company?
  • Should you do debt now or later?
  • Does your current debt structure provide adequate flexibility?
  • Is your current debt solution in alignment with the company’s growth strategy?

Type of Debt

  • Senior secured term loans
  • Growth capital venture loans
  • Senior Mezzanine and Royalty Financing
  • Enterprise value cash flow loans
  • Asset based working capital lines of credit
  • Asset specific equipment financing