Who has your back?

We’ve got your back. Helping you strategically navigate the debt markets.

About Our Firm

Credo 180 is a debt advisory firm with expertise in the life science and health care industries. Since our founding in 2006, we have advised on over $6 billion in financings for companies at all stages, including pre-commercial, early/mid commercial and late stage/buyout.

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Our clients are almost exclusively those we have worked with previously or those referred through our network of strong relationships with management teams, investors, board members and service providers.

We will provide every company referred to us an unfettered, no-obligation credit profile assessment. Once engaged, we will formulate the debt strategy and go to market ask based on a thorough understanding of the clients objectives and priorities.

Credo 180 By the Numbers

Because we are relationship centric, we will assist every client regardless of type or size of debt financing needed.  We do not have deal minimums.

Years of Experience

$B Financed

% of Deals Completed

Companies Funded

What We Do

Credo 180 runs the entire debt process from initial assessment and deal structuring, to lender engagement and term sheet negotiation. Our team then supports management through due diligence, loan documentation and loan closing. Leveraging our expertise and our always-current market intelligence, we secure the best financing terms while freeing up management to remain focused on running the business.


Our process is targeted, focused and highly efficient. Debt advisory is all we do. We know the markets. We know the players. We have a history of structuring and negotiating the best deals for our clients, favorable enough to pay for our services.

Who We Are

Credo 180 is comprised of a team of experts with over 80 years combined experience in debt capital markets, corporate finance and start-up operations in healthcare and technology.

Our Services

Credit assessment
Financing objectives and debt strategy
Go to market preparation and execution
Term sheet negotiation
Board analysis, presentation and discussion
Lender selection
Due diligence preparation and loan
documentation support
On-going management support for life after closing the debt

Debt Capital

Growth Capital Venture
Structured Finance
Leverage Finance Cash Flow
Senior Term
Subordinated Debt
Second Lien Debt
Bridge & Convertibles

Client Deal Profile

Life Sciences and Healthcare
Private and Public
Cash burn (venture & structured finance)
EBITDA Positive (leverage finance private credit)
Growth capital, M&A, Buy-out

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have worked with Credo 180 on two separate debt deals. We were highly doubtful the first time, believing that simply running process similar to the equity funding process we had just completed would yield the best partner and best terms, without the added cost of the Credo 180 team’s services. We were wrong. They saved us nearly 3x the dollars it cost to pay them, and the lender, who has been a good partner for us, would never have emerged in our process.

The second time we worked with Credo 180, to refinance the first round of debt and increase the size of the loan, we were equally skeptical, but for different reasons. Our existing lender had provided us with a term sheet with which we were quite pleased. The Credo 180 team immediately recognized the opportunity for far better terms, given changes in the market that we had not appreciated. Again, they were right. We ended up with the same lender, with far better terms, and the Credo 180 team more than paid for themselves.

Bill Hoffman

CEO, Inari Medical

The Credo team has supported us on multiple debt deals.  In each scenario, the Credo team met with management to understand the current situation and the needs going forward.  Using this information, the Credo group put together a unique plan for each process.  The result for each scenario was an extremely efficient process that brought forward multiple offers from amazing partners and at rates that we could not have gotten on our own.  They are experts in this field and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jared Oasheim